Slate Roofing Stirling & Alloa

Based in Stirling, our team are in an ideal position to offer high quality slat roofing anywhere in Scotlands central belt . We offer all aspects of slate roofing using only the highest quality materials that are the most appropriate both functionally and aesthetically for your home.

Slate is one of the oldest forms of material used in roofing due to its reliability and durability and there a range of different slate types that con be used on your home. Each different type has its own unique properties from size to durability and pricing. We will be able to give you expert advice on what would be the best slate to use on your roof would be that would provide not only function but align the most appropriately with the look of your property. We can take this further by offering you samples of each type of slate allowing you to make an informed decision on what the best slate would be for your home.

Our team of expert roofers have been installing slate roofs around the Stirling & Alloa area for over 10 years and we have built a reputable reputation for provide a personal service that is reliable and of high quality. When it comes to slate roof installations, we quality test all the products we use to ensure that our slate roof installations last. To arrange a slate roofing installation in Stirling, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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