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Flat Roofing

Whether you require a new flat roof installation or repair work, our team of expert roofers are here to help. Through the years we have developed the skills, knowledge and equipment required cary out a quality flat roof installation.

At Prestige Roofers and Builders we use 3 layers of felt and we ensure that the felt we use if of the highest quality. The first step is to lay down new USB boards on which the felt will be applied to. The first layer of felt is tacked into the wood in order to prevent burning of the wood when applying the second and third layer. The second layer – also know as the underlay – is then torched onto the first layer. Finally we then apply the outer green mineral layer for the third and final layer. This 3 layer process ensures that your roof is extremely durable and provides a long life span.

There are several colours to choose from however we tend to use an extremely high quality mineral green roofing felt. We have been using this for years and we have tested its durability through the test of time.

Our experienced team are able to guide you on what the best options are for your flat roofing requirements. Each member of our team have been fully trained and qualified to work safely and confidently within any environment. If you are looking for flat roofing services in the Stirling & Alloa area then look no further.

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